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If you study the receipts in the wok you will find a number of
packages that either have "linux" listed among its "BUILD_DEPENDS" or
"DEPENDS", having studied some of these I have come to the conclusion
that in some of these cases "linux" should not be listed as a

There are some grey-zones here but in general the following rules
should, IMHO, apply:

     * BUILD_DEPENDS should never contain "linux". If the package
depends on linux headers it should list "linux-headers" in
     * DEPENDS should only contain "linux" if the package in question
have been built to work together with a specific linux kernel version.
Some of the packages of this type,
       like the "linux-*" packages that contains supplementary driver
modules for the specfic kernel , do have the same version as the
kernel in question.
       For other (non "linux-*") packages that really depends on a
specific kernel version, they might need an additional version number
to indicate the version for that package. This
       means that if you have a package called x.y.z that has version
1.0.1 and is built as such that it depends on a specfic kernel
version, linux- that package should be named
       xyz-1.0.1- Such dependencies is highly
desireable to avoid but when they could not be (avoided) its important
to make this clear and apply the kernel version to the original

II also suggest to make the process to append this extra version to be
automated by the wok tools: if DEPENDS contain "linux" then add
version from the linux version in the wok.
One additional benefit of this is that you remove the tedious work to
edit all receipts for the linux-* packages when you switch to build
another kernel version.

I would be happy to help out making the necessary changes, in case we
could agree on some modifications to how the linux kernel related
packages are managed in the kernel today.

Kind Regards


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