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Hi.  I'm very new to slitaz, but an old hand w *nix.

I can't find xmodmap.  How can I swap buttons for a southpaw?

/var/log/messages says it's loading e100 network driver.  Once I load
tg3 for the Broadcom NIC, it works.  How to make that persistent?
This is cat-5 to my router, not wifi.

Once I solve that, what's the slitaz form of "aptitude install $blah"
(such as zsh/pdksh/bash or xmodmap)?  How to find what package xmodmap
is in?  btw, 4 Gb stick, so lots of room to move here.  I'm only using
4% of it.  :-)

btw, on this Canadian Anglo's system, "kmap=us" appears to work much
better than kmap=en.  Maybe that's a left-pond, right-pond thing
(pc104 vs. pc105).

Slick system.  Thanks a lot.

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