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Incoming from Christophe Lincoln:
> > /var/log/messages says it's loading e100 network driver.  Once I load
> > tg3 for the Broadcom NIC, it works.  How to make that persistent?

Great advice & info, much appreciated.

> files and then use 'tazusb writefs lzma' to regenerate the
> compressed rootfs and keep your settings:

I have been fiddling with this.  Last night, I changed root's password,
ran tazusb, and have since rebooted a few times.  root's pw remains
"root"?!?  Haven't figured that one out yet, but I haven't finished
reading dox yet either.

> With an LiveUSB media SliTaz boot with syslinux, the config file are
> in /home/boot.

Great stuff, thanks.

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