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> Hi!


> I miss emacs, so I've made a receipt for building 
> emacs on SliTaz.

The better way to have what you want in the distro: do it your self!

> It's a rather stripped down emacs without pop
> mail, x-window, games, info, doc and Lisp
> sources.

And you follow the project philosophy... Perfect!

> It's not a light package though, it weights 
> a huge 12.7M.

Not tiny... but it's not a problem for a mirrored package.

Tiny corrections: CATEGORY value is all lower class. Libexec files goes
in /usr/lib/$PACKAGE not /usr/libexec (dont exist on SliTaz), you can
use the configure option --libexecdir to set correct path.

Do you know Zile: ?

> Hope it help,
> --domcox

Hope you want to maintain officialy your packages,
- Christophe

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