2 suggestions : haserl and list of dependencies

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1) A program that should stand along microperl and lua for cgi scripting :
Haserl ( http://haserl.sourceforge.net/ ). It weights less than 20K, is
structured like PHP (it's meant to be mixed with HTML code) and can use
either shell or Lua to create cgi scripts, with CGI
parsing/decoding/security features. Used in OpenWRT and its variants.

2) Some people don't have an internet connection (or a bad one), so its
tedious for them to add applications or upgrade their system. Is tazpkg
able to use a local repository (USB key; CD-ROM) to upgrade the system ?
Does it seem to be a good idea to add some information on packages' web
interface: a direct link to download the package, and links to all its
dependencies? This info can be extracted from receipts. Thus one could
download a program and its dependencies from a cybercafe by simply
clicking on all the relevant links, then bring it home and install the
program on one's SliTaz.

Too bad I lack time to investigate further on this (I'm working all
summer), but I hope it helps.


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