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Hi Guys,

Thought I'd check out the latest cooking today and see how it's coming along. Looking great - some really nice additions. Booting from the web? Outstanding.

The graphical package management system is awesome. Although it would be nice to just see a list of packages you *haven't* got installed (i.e, what you're missing out on) and the ability to queue up multiple packages for install. We could still do with a pidgin-msn dummy package with the required dependencies to install SSL for MSN Support.

Would it be too much to have a loading status bar during boot - instead of seeing all that messy text? If you're debugging, sure, have a "nosplash" option so you can see what's going on. But this distro has really great potential in the consumer area, but it needs a few touches like that.

The hard drive installer looks super - but I would have thought after selecting the drive and partition, it could then ask you if the device was a USB device and then send the parameters to the USB installer? At the moment, the USB installer is shell only, despite graphical integration for rewriting the filesystem.


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