Re: [Sawfish] The window framing buttons (close min/max iconify etc) do not work when the Russian input language is enabled

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I'm seeing the same problem. And I do vaguely remember that there *was*
a discussion about it at some point, but I can't find it anymore, so
that might just be me imagining things. For me it's a very small
problem, though, as I only switch to my secondary input for single
characters. I also vaguely remember that there where issues with the 5
button mouse support (--5-buttons) in this regard, but that might also
just be me. I think disabling it removed the issue, or broke Sawfish
completely, or some such, can't remember.

This list is still active, as needed. You *could* also open an issue on
the GitHub project, but it won't see that much more exposure that way.

I believe I wanted to look into this issue at some point, but I had no
idea where to start and I'm not that great when it comes to reading

On Thu, 24 Dec 2020 01:16:17 +0700
Yoric Ko <yoric-k@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello, sorry for the bad English.
> In the distant past, even in version 1.3.5, the window framing
> buttons (close, min/max, iconify etc) stopped working when the mouse
> was pressed when the Russian input language was enabled. And also by
> root-window. To display/remember switching languages - xxkb. You can
> see that the mouse is hovering, and the click passes (the button
> flashes at the time of the click), but the action is not worked out.
> It doesn't work in version 1.12.90 either. Please tell me where else
> you can write about this. I didn't find any more activity.

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