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On 2020-02-29 18:51, Benedict, Stew wrote:
> Seems like this should be easy in sawfish, and I see lots of references to using it for such, but I can't seem to get it to work.
> Our .sawfishrc does a lot of manipulations, removing the close button for certain apps, and disabling keys for some apps.
> In this case, for a match of Xephyr, I want to remove all window decorations.  Any hints?
> I thought (set-frame-for-window cw force 'unframed) might work, but it gves be 'Unbound variable'
> I'd rather do it with sawfish, than add devilspie2 to the mix.

So, you specifically want to do it "manually" in .sawfishrc? I have
successfully used the Configurator to create such rules via Customize
-> Window Rules, with Action set to frame-type=border-only (OK, a
*little* decoration) or frame-type=none (*no* decoration). This
generates stuff like this in .sawfish/custom (indentation mine) - I
don't know whether it can be copied to .sawfishrc, nor do I see much
point in doing so...

 (quote match-window-profile)
 (quote ((((WM_CLASS . "^XCpu/")) (frame-type . border-only))
	 (((WM_NAME . "^xvnoframe")) (frame-type . border-only))
	 (((WM_CLASS . "^xclock/")) (frame-type . none))))
 (quote match-window)
 (quote sawfish.wm.ext.match-window))

--Per Hedeland

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