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On 14/04/17 19:02, Stefan Husmann wrote:
Allan Duncan <amd2345@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

This doesn't seem to have made the list.

On 14/04/17 16:22, Stefan Husmann wrote:
Allan Duncan <amd2345@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I have been quite happy with my XFCE/sawfish combo, but I want to take
advantage of the weyland backend, now shipping as part of gnome.

Has anyone succeeded in switching window managers?

For that matter, how do I make the change to gnome anyway, apart from
doing a complete new distro install?

Sawfish ML

what advantages of the wayland backend do you expect? Especially if you
intend to use sawfish under Gnome? I do not think there are any, on the
contrary. You will need the Xwayland layer, which adds one more layer
and will make things slowwer.

I was under the impression that - at some stage - wayland was supposed
to make use of any GPU available.
I'm a bit vague about where the various blocks of the display system fit
together, but thought that wayland talked directly to the backend
drivers.  Are you implying that Xwayland would precede wayland in the
chain, and a window manager would be feeding into Xwayland?

Gnome and XFCE can coexist on your system. There is definitely no need
to einstall the whole system. Just install the relevant Gnome packages.

Yeah, that would be ideal, but working out what those packages might be
and then making them automagically fire up is beyond me.
Well I do not know Fedora well, but isn't Gnome the default desktop there?

Yes. There are bits of it still there that things interact with, it just isn't in charge.
How do yo invoke XFCE? If you are using a display manager, you should be
able to configure it in a way so you can choose the desktop environment
at startup. If you use plain startx, you would need to change the
.xinitrc file each time.

Buggered if I know - I set it up quite some time back using a Fedora
XCFE spin, then hacked it to use sawfish.

You need nto figure that out. How do you start your computer?

Umm, I turn it on and systemd does its thing and I end up at level 5 with X running and a login prompt. There is very little of help in /etc/X11.

But these questions are not at all related to sawfish, and so you will
get better answers on a Fedora forum or mailing list.


Sawfish ML

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