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Hi all,

fresh from the oven: Sawfish 1.12 release candidate 1 (1.11.91).

Changes since the beta from January:
- tiling changes (see: https://github.com/SawfishWM/sawfish/pull/21)
- add 'next-tile matcher to Conky by default
- minor fix in debian/rules
- update config.sub, config.guess and install-sh
- fixup edge-flip-delay not properly working (see:
- fixup --with/out-kde5session typo in configure.ac

	Tarballs: http://download.tuxfamily.org/sawfish
	Debian:	http://apt.nanolx.org/pool/main/s/sawfish/

Complete Changes since 1.11:

1.11.91 (1.12 RC1) "The Promised Land"

   * Bug Fixes
        - Fixed that a focus change by pointer motion was ignored after
          x-cycle.  [Teika Kazura]

        - Focus-mode 'enter-exit' now ignores 'pointer-out' event.
          Fixing flickering bugs with widgets like GtkComboBox,
          GtkCompletion or Firefox' URL-Bar.  [Teika Kazura]

        - Fixed at 'edge-flip-delay' did not work as expected.  Before
          this fix the edge-action would always be actived when the
          cursor hit the edge, and 'edge-flip-delay' would only delay
          the actual action, leaving the edge before the
          'edge-flip-delay' ended, would not stop the action.  Now
          'edge-flip-delay' properly works: when the cursor leaves the
          edge before the 'edge-flip-delay' ended, the action will be
          stopped.  [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Better detection of transient windows during tiling [Jose A.
          Ortega Ruiz]

   * Build and Installation
        - When building Sawfish while an instance of it is running, a
          sawfish-managed 'conky' instance does no longer get killed.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Fix 'libtool' version check in 'autogen.sh'.  [Christopher

        - Remove 'gitclean' Makefile target, improve 'distclean' target.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

   * New Features
        - The Tiling functions now use 'calculate-workarea' to not
          overlap '_NET_WM_STRUT' windows like panels and others.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Let 'window-icon-image' use 'NET_WM_ICON' to get 16x16 icon.
          Also add a size-parameter in case a different one is desired.

        - Allow passing of extra (custom) arguments to compton.  [Joshua

   * Miscellaneous Changes
        - Add 'lumina-window-matchers' for better interaction of Lumina
          and Compton.  Also filter Lumina out from 'cabinet'.
          [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Add double buffering of frame parts to reduce flickering while
          redraw of frames.  [hans1024]

        - Properly filter out 'conky' from 'cabinet'.  [Christopher

        - Added session integration for KDE5, '--with-kde5session'
          configure flag, updated 'sawfish.wm.integration.kde',
          sawfish-kde5-session package for Debian GNU/Linux [Christopher

        - Restructured session file installation.  Removed
          '--with-xdmsession' configure flag, the bare Sawfish session
          is installed always.  For the remaining there's now an
          configure option each: '--with-matesession' (MATE),
          '--with-luminasession' (Lumina) and '--with-xfcesession'
          (XFCE). [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Properly uninstall all session related files upon 'make
          uninstall' [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Debian code review
             x Fix FSF address across all files [Christopher Bratusek]

             x Fix code spellings [Christopher Bratusek]

             x Rename 'configure.in' to 'configure.ac' [Christopher

             x Update 'config.sub', 'config.guess' and 'install-sh' to
               2016-04 [Christopher Bratusek]

             x Add window matcher 'never-tile' to 'Conky' by default
               [Christopher Bratusek]

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