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It used to be the case that when you were using point-to-focus and a window was uncovered (for example, if it was beneath another window that was unmapped), the uncovered window would receive focus. That behavior has changed in recent Sawfish versions (I'm running 1.10.9); to get focus you have to move the mouse out of the underlying window and back in again.

I fully understand that there is a security issue here; if a malicious program unmaps a window at exactly the wrong time, you could wind up unintentionally typing into the wrong place. However, in my environment I don't have to worry about that risk, and the new behavior is quite troublesome to me. In one case my screensaver activated above a full-screen window; when I deactivated the screensaver I was left in a situation where I couldn't get focus into the window so that I could make it go away. I almost rebooted my computer before I found a workaround.

I did a bit of searching in the docs and the config optoins but couldn't find a way to return to the old behavior. I'd love to turn it off entirely, but if I can't do that I'd like to at least have a short timeout (perhaps 2 seconds) after which the new focus would happen.

Is there an option to control this behavior?
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