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Andrew A. Adams wrote:
: > That is that what the gnome folks want. Open sawfish-client and type:
: > 
: > (window-type (select-window)) or
: > (window-get (select-window) 'type)
: > 
: > and you got "unframed".
: > 
: > And you can also read the comment in:
: > /usr/share/sawfish/lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl
: > to understand why.
: > 
: > The gnome developers says you don't need a frame (same here in
: > gedit file-roller and all other gnome application) and they know better
: > what you want ...

	It is indeed the GNOME project mentality, and this is why I
moved away from GNOME as my DE.

	So if I understand it correctly, there is no general solution
to this problem on the sawfish side? If so, it is probably time to move
away also from the rest of GNOME applications which I still use.

: And this is exactly why I moved to KDE when Gnome 3 came out - the Gnome 
: folks believe they know exactly how everyone SHOULD work on their linux 
: machine and try to force you to work their way, and strip out one of the 
: original benefits of Linux over Windows and MacOS, which was its 
: near-infinite configurability.
: I recommend switching to Okular instead of evince.

	Well, I moved to XFCE instead, when GNOME 3 was released.
But I still use some GNOME apps, such as evince, and generally I prefer
GTK apps because of the consistency with the rest of my XFCE environment.
But yes, switching to Okular is indeed a possibility.


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