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That is that what the gnome folks want. Open sawfish-client and type:

(window-type (select-window)) or
(window-get (select-window) 'type)

and you got "unframed".

And you can also read the comment in:
to understand why.

The gnome developers says you don't need a frame (same here in
gedit file-roller and all other gnome application) and they know better
what you want ...


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On Wed, 27 May 2015 22:44:22 +0200
wrote Jan Kasprzak <kas@xxxxxxxxxx>:

>	Hello,
>I have just upgraded my laptop to Fedora 22 (XFCE 4.12, evince 3.16),
>and now evince is displayed without any window decorations at all.
>In the previous version, evince had borders only displayed by sawfish
>(no title bar), but now it does not have any decorations altogether.
>I have restored the expected behavior using Matched windows in sawfish-config,
>but I wonder whether sawfish can be modified to do this on its own.
>It looks like xfwm4 had the same problem and the workaround for xfwm4
>does exist:
>I still find the idea of applications displaying their own max/min/close
>buttons strange, but this is unfortunately where the current toolkits
>are headed to.
>	Sincerely,

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