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I'm seeing the same here on latest HEAD. Though I can't reliable
reproduce the problem, it only happens for me some times. Looks like
some sort of race condition to me between the code about raising the
window and the code lowering it, but I would not know how to fix it.

On Wed, 7 Jan 2015 03:54:09 -0600 Trevor Cordes <trevor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi, I just upgraded to Fedora 21 which has the wonderful sawfish 1.11.
> Everything is super awesome so far, but I had one little issue.  I
> have the following binding:
> context: border keymap
> Button3-Off: Lower window
> I use click-to-focus.  This has always worked for me for like 10 years
> of using sawfish/sawmill.  (I got hooked on this binding from 90's era
> xterminal days, then CDE and then sawfish.)
> With the 1.11 in F21 it started being buggy.  The window would lower
> but about 1/2 a second later would re-raise and focus!  Very annoying.
> Stranger still, if I immediately right-clicked on it again it would
> lower and stay that way.
> I played around with sawfish-config options and found that by
> unchecking Focus - Auto-Raise the bug would go away.
> Maybe one wouldn't consider this a bug.  But if it isn't a bug now, it
> was a bug with sawfish 1.9 I used in F19!  Maybe some thought should
> be given as to what the correct behavior for that binding is.  I'm
> probably the only one left in the world with a strange click-to-lower
> binding like that, so I can certainly live with this little
> workaround.  I don't see any issues so far with having auto-raise
> disabled (since I don't use mousein-to-focus).
> Keep up the good work.  Sawfish is by far the best wm out there for
> tweakers.

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