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Hi folks,

regarding c) [sawfish.wm.ext.wallpaper]:

try latest GIT, I made a few more test cases and all bugs should be squashed now in the wallpaper-setter.


On 04.09.2014 21:16, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:

a) x-terminal-emulator is the default for xterm-program, which you can
change in SawfishConfig > Misc > External Applications.

There are two places you can access the info file:

aa) SawfishConfig: with SawfishConfig it is not possible to access
xterm-program setting from Sawfish. Thus x-terminal-emulator is
hardcoded in SawfishConfig. I might change it to xterm for better

(Why the funk don't those non-Debian-Distros use alternatives aswell?
this is pretty useful and allows generic system calls regardless of the
installed software. Well... that would be to easy and so not fragmented)

bb) Sawfish Root Menu > Help. This will use whatever xterm-program is.

b) if no browser opens that means that the default browser-program
(x-www-browser) is not available, adjust aswell in SawfishConfig > Misc
 > External Applications.

See Screenshot for xterm-program and browser-program adjustment.

c) Wallpaper Setter. This is something completely different. This is not
an issue of external applications, it's an issue with the widget. It's
not really robust an error-tolerant. Please tell me your values for the
following defcustoms (so I can test and fix the issue):

init-wallpaper (bool)
root-wallpaper (string)
wallpaper-setter (string)
wallpaper-setter-args (string)
set-wallpaper-gnome2 (bool)
set-wallpaper-xfce4 (bool)
wallpaper-display-type (symbol)

d) use the GitHub bug tracker over at


On 04.09.2014 20:54, Stefan Husmann wrote:
Am 31.08.2014 um 11:16 schrieb fuchur:

If i start sawfish-config from xterm and try to "view info file" i got:

sh: x-terminal-emulator: command not found

in the xterm. My dist don't have x-terminal-emulator.


I can confirm this and the background image issue you reported. I
suspect the interface to the external programs is not working in
general. Can you test if the accessing the sawfish wiki coming from
"help" -> "sawfish-info" -> "sawfish wiki" works for you? I think it
should open a browser with "";, but for me it
does not.

I am under Arch Linux with sawfish 1.11 from git.

Best Regards


P.S. is there a bug tracker to report such things?

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