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Am 04.09.2014 um 21:16 schrieb Christopher Roy Bratusek:
> Hi,
> a) x-terminal-emulator is the default for xterm-program, which you can change in SawfishConfig > Misc > External Applications.
I sat that to evilvte. Opening the manual using "Help"->"Sawfish-Manual" opens an evilvte with and info session in it. 
> There are two places you can access the info file:
> aa) SawfishConfig: with SawfishConfig it is not possible to access xterm-program 
setting from Sawfish. Thus x-terminal-emulator is hardcoded in SawfishConfig. I might 
change it to xterm for better non-Debian-compat.
> (Why the funk don't those non-Debian-Distros use alternatives aswell? this is pretty useful and allows generic system calls regardless of the installed software. Well... that would be to easy and so not fragmented)

> bb) Sawfish Root Menu > Help. This will use whatever xterm-program is.
> b) if no browser opens that means that the default browser-program (x-www-browser) is not available, adjust aswell in SawfishConfig > Misc > External Applications.
> See Screenshot for xterm-program and browser-program adjustment.
Similarily, I sat that to "conkeror". It gets respected anywhere but in the about dialog.
> c) Wallpaper Setter. This is something completely different. This is not an issue of external applications, it's an issue with the widget. It's not really robust an error-tolerant. Please tell me your values for the following defcustoms (so I can test and fix the issue):
> init-wallpaper (bool)
> root-wallpaper (string)
> wallpaper-setter (string)
> wallpaper-setter-args (string)
> set-wallpaper-gnome2 (bool)
> set-wallpaper-xfce4 (bool)
> wallpaper-display-type (symbol)[haawda@frege ext]$ sawfish-client

sawfish-client 1.11.

Enter `,help' to list commands.
client > init-wallpaper
client > root-wallpaper
client > wallpaper-setter
client > wallpaper-setter-args
client > set-wallpaper-gnome2
client > set-wallpaper-xfce4
client > wallpaper-display-type

> d) use the GitHub bug tracker over at
> Regards,
> Chris
Will do in future requests, thanks.

Best Regards Stefan

P.S. will try your new git commits soon

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