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Having just updated my Debian box to the current stable version (Wheezy 7.6 which uses Sawfish 1.5.3), I am having difficulty in recustomising sawfish to correspond to my habits.

My required 'user-behaviour' is that the window under the cursor should have the focus at all times (focus stealing).

The problem that I am having occurs on pushing the currently focussed window to the bottom of the stack (with lower-window). The window which then appears under the cursor no longer has the focus (as it did in Debian Squeeze 6.0.5 which used Sawfish

My lisp being excessively rusty (last 'used' about thirty years ago), I would
appreciate it if someone could mail the function to use (I push down
with Alt-Shift-Click1).

I am sure the reply will be to update to the latest version, but having had one shot at it, I would much prefer not having to go through that attempt again. Has the current version of Sawfish been ported to the current stable version of Debian ? (ie does a .deb exist which does not require dependencies outside the stable package framework).


NB: The menu entry:
Customize->Focus->"Give focus to windows even when they haven't asked for it"
seems to have no effect when checked (it becomes unchecked after closing).

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