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>NOTE: those debian package will be built with the release of 1.11, the 
>currently built 1.10.99 of course doesn't have those extra packages. 
>Except if you built the packages on your own using a GIT snapshot.

I got this error:

dpkg: Abhängigkeitsprobleme verhindern Konfiguration von
sawfish-xfce-session: sawfish-xfce-session hängt ab von xfce4; aber:
  Paket xfce4 ist nicht installiert.

Can you pleas replace in debian/control

Depends: sawfish (= ${source:Version}), xfce4


Depends: sawfish (= ${source:Version}), xfce4-session

xfce4 has to many depends (xfce4-session is sufficient)


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