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Hi folks,

commited stuff. from NEWS:

        - Session scripts with xdm (and compatible) integration.
          [fuchur] [Christopher Bratusek]

             x 'sawfish-mate-session'/'Sawfish/MATE' start Sawfish and
               then initialize MATE session.

             x 'sawfish-kde4-session'/'Sawfish/KDE4' start Sawfish and
               then initialize KDE4 session.  [note: it's still possible
               to select Sawfish from System Settings > Default
               Applications and starting KDE4 normally using Sawfish in
               favour of KWin]

             x 'sawfish-xfce-session'/'Sawfish/XFCE' start Sawfish and
               then initialize XFCE session.

             x Other desktop environments:

                  + GNOME2: set the GConf key

                    to 'sawfish' and start a new session.

                  + LXDE: in lxsession-default-apps replace 'openbox'
                    with 'sawfish'.

                  + Razor Qt: in the razor configuration center >
                    default applications enter 'sawfish' in the
                    corresponding field.

                  + Other: no other desktop environments are officially
                    supported as of now.

             x Note for Debian users: the official Sawfish Debian
               GNU/Linux packages for amd64/i386/armhf distributed at
      now have three more packages built
               from the Sawfish source:

                  + 'sawfish-kde4-session': install above mentioned KDE4
                    integration and (install if not already) kde-core
                    (metapackage for minimal KDE4 desktop)

                  + 'sawfish-mate-session': install above mentioned MATE
                    integration and (install if not already)
                    mate-desktop-environment-core (metapackage for
                    minimal MATE desktop)

                  + 'sawfish-xfce-session': install above mentioned XFCE
                    integration and (install if not already) xfce
                    (meta-package for XFCE desktop)

NOTE: those debian package will be built with the release of 1.11, the currently built 1.10.99 of course doesn't have those extra packages. Except if you built the packages on your own using a GIT snapshot.

Are there other Desktops we could support? Lumina looks interesting and has been separated from PC-BSD. Budgie is currently not in a widely usable state.

What about GNOME3 fallback stuff? Though that's not that easy I guess, because the binaries have exactly the same name for GNOME2 and GNOME3 (so NOT yay). Any experience with this (except `sawfish --replace')?


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