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On 28.08.2014 22:01, fuchur wrote:

On Thu, 28 Aug 2014 17:52:57 +0200
wrote Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi folks,

I've been (again) working on EdgeActions. (omg... time went by like
nothing... I just read I made the major rework of EdgeActions back in
2010, but it feels like last year)

Either way, here's what's new (from NEWS):

         - New EdgeActions for when moving windows.  [Christopher

              x 'kill' Kill a window when moved to the given edge

              x 'iconify' Iconify a window when moved to the given edge

              x 'move-window-viewport' Move window to the next viewport
                in the direction of moving against the edge

              x 'move-window-workspace' Move window to the next workspace
                in the direction of moving against the edge

         - Separate left/right and top/bottom edges in SawfishConfig,
           allowing for individual actions on each edge.  [Christopher

* downside: you'll have to re-setup your stuff (if you were not using
HotMove or HotCorners)
* upside: more control from SawfishConfig (and more features obviously)

Currently the iconify EdgeAction does not properly work. Either the
iconify-hook of tabbing or tiling spits out an error when using it. I'll
investigate further before the final release of 1.11.

Tell me what you think, or if you feel like something is missing or
could be improved (other, previous options were: expand-window,
flip-viewport, flip-workspace, drag-viewport, maximize-window).


Git is broken. If i want to start sawfish i got:

Lisp backtrace:
#13  run-byte-code ...
#11  require (sawfish.wm.util.prompt-extras)
#9   require (
#8   eval ...
#7   user-eval ...
#6   run-byte-code ...
#4   make-structure (() #<closure 813d088 @ user> #<closure 813d074 @
user> user) #2   load ...
#1   run-byte-code ...

error--> (void-value prompt-make-history)

Fixed now. I had (require 'sawfish.wm.util.prompt) in my ~/.sawfish/rc so I didn't notice I accidently required prompt-extras instead of prompt in run-application.jl.


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