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Hi folks,

I finally found time to compile Debian packages for librep, rep-gtk, sawfish and sawfish-pager for armhf. I've made short tests on my Banana Pi and it works fine (though I have not yet tested more expensive features like Tabbing, Tiling, Cabinet or such).

You can find them at apt.nanolx.org/pool/main/
- libr/librep
- r/rep-gtk
- s/sawfish
- s/sawfish-pager
- s/ssd

or visit http://nanolx.org/nanolx/photonic for more infos about my apt-repo (armhf is pretty new, so not all packages are available for this plattform yet, plus it's not listed in the above link (yet)).

Please report back if you encounter any issues on armhf with librep, Sawfish & Co.


Sawfish ML

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