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Hi Frank,

well, there's currently no maintainer for Sawfish for Debian.

All I can offer are packages made by me (so you can consider them the "official" Sawfish Debian packages). You can find them in (see libr/librep -- r/rep-gtk -- s/sawfish -- s/sawfish-pager -- s/ssd).

Or Visit for more infos about my repostitory.


On 14.08.2014 21:11, Rodrigo Gallardo wrote:
On 8/14/14, 3:04 AM, Frank Bauer wrote:
Hi Rodrigo,

with the nearing freeze of jessie, do you think you could package more
recent version  of sawfish, i.e. 1.10? It has some exciting features
like tabs/tiling and in general better integration with currect

Sorry, I'm no longer the maintainer for sawfish. I orphaned the package
some months ago but no one has stepped up to take it. Maybe you could
coordinate with the nice folks at the mailing list

Sawfish ML

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