[Sawfish] Disabling automated workspace switching when sending a URL from mate-terminal to Firefox

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I'm running MATE + Sawfish (built from git a day ago or so) on Ubuntu 14.04.

I have one workspace holding a mate-terminal and another with Firefox.
I can Control-click on a URL in the terminal and it correctly loads
the page in Firefox.  The problem I am having is that this action also
switches the desktop to the workspace holding Firefox while I'd prefer
to stay in the workspace with the terminal and only visit Firefox's
workspace manually.

I'm trying to find a configuration that will block this workspace
switch.  Is this something under Sawfish's control, MATE's or
something else?

Enabling the little "jiggle the Firefox icon" dance that Unity does in
this situation would be a nice bonus, but isn't so important.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Sawfish ML

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