[Sawfish] Transparency does not work on themes that specify both focused and inactive pixmaps

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Hi. I'm trying to make a theme with completely opaque window decor for active windows, and transparency for certain parts of the inactive window decor. I do not want the whole window to become transparent, only certain frame parts. So I've made a theme that specifies both a 'normal' and 'focused' pixmap for each frame part, with some normal parts getting a transparent pixmap. Unfortunately, glitching and remenants of any opaque pixmaps used appear where a completely transparent effect was intended.

Here is an existing theme that suffers from the same problem: http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/HackerPurpleS

In the screenshot you can see that the active window is meant to have a thicker purple bar to show that the window is selected, whereas the inactive window uses transparency to make a thinner bar. But test this theme out and you will notice that graphical glitching appears where the transparency should happen (a black bar appears). I've tested this against multiple graphics cards and multiple versions of sawfish and xorg, with and without compositing.

Is there a workaround for this that will allow me to make a theme where an opaque pixmap is used on the active window, and a transparent pixmap is used for "gaps" on the inactive window?

Thanks for reading.

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