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On 22/04/14 21:32, Kim B. Heino wrote:
This patch updates to match the Fedora one, plus a
couple of tweaks for inserting News and running

Please note that Fedora's spec uses release tarballs, not github

I may not have made it clear - the Fedora spec in the tarball (loaded from the .src.rpm)
was clearly NOT derived from the in the tarball.

+/bin/sh --nocfg

As far as I remember, autogen was only needed for snapshots.

True - there appears to be some tweaking of the snapshot on its way to the release, generating configure and a Makefile, and NEWS below. Btw, wouldn't the Makefile be suspect at that point? It does get over-ridden when configure is run.

+/usr/bin/makeinfo --no-validate --no-headers man/news.texi >NEWS

This sounds dangerous for release tarballs.

The big question is: Should spec file be used for snapshots or release
tarballs? Both would be best, so I suggest:

1) There should be some kind of test is autogen is needed or not.

Sounds good, but how?   I'm a mere dabbler in rpmbuild specs.

2) Don't update NEWS.

NEWS already exists as the .texi, why shouldn't it pass to the install?
The release tarball includes it, and it in fact includes instructions on how to generate it from the .texi :-)

+* Tue Apr 22 2014 Allan Duncan

This line is missing version number.

I thought about that and decided that it is up to the maintainer to bump the version if it is warranted, so the version number is unchanged from below. Should I have included a repeat?

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