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I have the following mapping in my .sawfish/custom keymap:

(send-to-workspace-left . "Super-C-Left")

and the similar way for the other three directions. I use 3x3 virtual
workspaces. The problem is when I want to send some window from
- for example - the upper left workspace to the upper right workspace.
I expect that pressing the Super and Ctrl keys and hitting the Right key
twice while still holding Super and Ctrl should do the job.

This does not work when there is a large (e.g. fulscreen) window
in the upper middle workspace, which happens to be placed higher in the
window stacking order than the window I wanted to send to the upper right
workspace. In this situation, the first Super-Ctrl-Right combo sends the
window to the upper middle workspace, but the second one sends the
other (fullscreen) window to the upper right workspace instead.

Can send-to-workspace-* commands be modified somehow to keep the sent window
focused, until all three keys of the Super-Ctrl-<direction> combo are released?



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