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Hello everyone.

I'm using two monitors with Sawfish and MATE and the second monitor is
mostly occupied by stickied chat applications. Now in the last time I've
noticed that whenever I switch workspaces that the focus jumps onto the
second monitor, despite that a window on the first one was focused.

Assume the following:

 * Desktop 1:
   * Monitor 1: Browser
   * Monitor 2: Stickied applications
 * Desktop 2:
   * Monitor 1: E-Mail client
   * Monitor 2: Stickied applications

Now if the browser has the focus and I switch to desktop 2, the
stickied application get's the focus. Now I focus manually the e-mail
client and switch back to desktop 1...the stickied application has the
focus again.

Did I break something in my configuration or is it supposed to be that

Best Regards,

Sawfish ML

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