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On Thu, 3 Oct 2013 18:55:00 +0200
wrote "Robert 'Bobby' Zenz" <Robert.Zenz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>German is my mother tongue but that
>doesn't mean that I'm good at it. ;)

Here is exactly the same.

>It should be "der gleiche*n* Gruppe/Klasse".
>"real center", in that context it would be better to use "echte"
>instead of "reale". The german "real" is more used for
>objects/situations then (mathematical) truths.
>There's a stray "e" at "wird ignoriert*e*". "Ignorierte" rathers to a
>subject/person, "ignoriert" is an activity.
>     He is ignored. - Er wird ignoriert.
>     He is the ignored one. - Er ist der Ignorierte.
>"Fenster »Horizontal schonend« maximieren", "schonend" is the German
>word for "soft", it should be "fuellend".
>"Info zu GNOME" should be "Info ueber GNOME". "zu" is used to define
>relations, "ueber" is used to say something about something.
>    He belongs to me. - Er gehoert zu mir.
>    He said something about you. - Er sagte etwas ueber dich.
>Also for the trayer you could try "Abstands-Wert fuer/von Trayer",
>guessed without knowing what that option does.

If you found more typos or errors, or you have a correction you can
always send a mail ...


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