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I try to save a image.png with sawfish on my disk with convert (from
imagemagick). I open sawish-client and test with:

(setq aaa (concat "/tmp" "/image.png"))
(setq bbb (concat "/tmp" "/image-new.png"))
(system (format nil "convert %s %s" aaa bbb))

Now i have a new image "/tmp/image-new.png" on the disk.

Then i try:
(setq ccc (make-image (concat "/tmp" "/image.png")))
(setq ddd (concat "/tmp" "/image-make-image.png"))
(system (format nil "convert %s %s" ccc ddd))

No image "/tmp/image-make-image.png" was created.

Anyone know what is wrong or which program can handle images from
make-image in sawfish?


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