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- The ability to mark certain frame parts as excluded/hidden when calculating group/yank/pack.
- Documentation (or more easily available documentation) on the supplied scripts. There are loads of .jl files in the source tree which might provide exactly the solution to something that I want to do; but I have no idea what the scripts do or when/how they should be used.
- I *hate* 'info'. Documentation in HTML would be great.
- The option to have iconified windows displayed as an icon. I did do some experimentation on faking this using shade - but I hit a few snags.

There was some discussion a few months ago on re-writing this in another language (something called 'racket' was mentioned at the time). I agree that the beauty of sawfish is that it is written in 'a lisp language' and that rep appears to be used nowhere else. I have far too little knowledge of the wider lisp world to recommend which language; but moving to something more widely used might help attract users ( and maintainers?).

On a related note - does anyone know if the great Mr. Harper still uses sawfish and whether he has used (or knows of) rep in any other projects?


From: Vladimir Kravets <vova.kravets@xxxxxxxxx>
To: sawfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, 14 March 2013, 12:30
Subject: [Sawfish] Sawfish roadmap (?)

Hi guys,

I belive that this project should be alive. As I know by now we try to find maintainer for it.

But I want to ask you guys what we expect from Sawfish in future versions?

There are my list =)
1. native support of window opacity (e.g. have new attribute of window "opacity" or "alpha")
2. More modern themes

Any suggestions from you?


P.S: I up this thread to prepare the list of expectation for people who are interesting in the future of the SawFish project.
From my point of view I'm very proud that such project exists and I don't understanding why we see small activity in it =(((

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