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On 03/14/2013 01:59 PM, Richard wrote:

>  I *hate* 'info'. Documentation in HTML would be great.

It should not be to hard to produce HTML output from the texinfo sources

> There was some discussion a few months ago on re-writing this in
> another language (something called 'racket' was mentioned at the
> time). I agree that the beauty of sawfish is that it is written in 'a
> lisp language' and that rep appears to be used nowhere else. I have
> far too little knowledge of the wider lisp world to recommend which
> language; but moving to something more widely used might help attract
> users ( and maintainers?).

At the current stage the project is trying to find a
maintainer/coordinator . I do not believe moving to a new language will
be neither easy nor possible at this time.

Better stay what there is. Attracting more users and coders IMHO is more
imported and are related on visibility. Tuxfamily is not the mainstream
platform IMHO. Moving the git sources to github or bitbucket makes more
sense for ease of development.


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