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On Sat, 26 Jan 2013 18:23:56 +0100
wrote fuchur <flohtransporter@xxxxxxxxx>:

>If you e.g have a sticky window and you maximized-vertically the window
>sawfish set unmaximized-geometry (and other properties) to wrong
>values if you change the workspace. You can test it:
>Open a window and make it sticky. maximized-vertically the window. Open
>sawfish-client and "check" the window with: 
>"(window-get (select-window) 'swapped)"
>go to the next workspace and again:
>(window-get (select-window) 'swapped)
>go to the next workspace and again:
>(window-get (select-window) 'swapped)
>and also go back to the workspaces and check again.
>We have by all workspace wrong values by "maximized-horizontally" and
>"unmaximized-geometry" but not on the first workspace where we have set
>the window sticky.
>I also read the comments in workspace.jl. The comment before
>"(define (swap-out w space)" and in 
>"(define (window-add-to-workspace w space)" and also if i read the code
>tells me that we should only call "swap-in" in:
>"(define (select-workspace* space #!key dont-focus inner-thunk force)"
>if we have a copy of the window on a other workspace and not by a
>"single window".
>I am not sure but i can't believe that that is a features, for me that
>is a bug. Please test the patch. Comments welcome.

I forgot. With the above patch, if you maximized a window and change the
workspace sawfish recalls the "unmaximized-geometry" and other window
properties from the workspace where you have maximized the window. 


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