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On Friday 11 January 2013 12:07:38 D M German wrote:
> When trying to create a new window using a command (gnome-terminal),
> how do I get the window identifier of the window?

By watching for new windows and guessing which one is right.  I don't 
think there is any reliable general technique for establishing which 
windows were created by which process.

> any ideas how can I wait after the exec before I ask for the window
> that was just recently created?

Merely waiting will not do because the window manager plays an active 
role in mapping client windows. Sawfish must return to its event loop in 
order to process the new window. You could modify one of the hooks that 
get called on window creation to have your own code run at that time. 
However, as Chris pointed out your case looks like a job for window 
matching rules. If you need to distinguish these terminals from others, 
you might check whether gnome-terminal has a command line option similar 
to xterm -name, i.e., if it lets you specify the application instance 
name (the first part of WM_CLASS).

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