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Hi Everybody,

I have been using direction.jl for a long time, but it had some
annoyances that I could not stand. So I had finally written my own
script. Here it is, in case anybody is interested:

;    dmg-focus-by-direction.jl Focus by direction. Based on the idea
;    of direction.jl by Ives Aerts.
;    Version 1.0b
;    This sawfish script allows you to move to the "next" window in
;    the current workspace in any given direction (north, sound, east,
;    west).  It uses the left-top corner as to create an order. For
;    example, window A is "west" of B
;      1. Its A's x coordinate is larger than B's, 
;      2. If same x coordinate, if A'y coordinate is larger than B's,
;      3. If still tied, if the window-id of A bis larger than B
;;   I like binging the operations to meta-control A, P, F, N (similar to 
;    moving lines in emacs.
;    This script makes some changes over Ives. First, it considers all
;    windows in the current workspace. Second, it breaks ties in a
;    deterministic way when two windows have the same top-corner
;    location.


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