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Hi everybody,

I am trying to figure out is this is a "bug" or a "feature".

I run sawfish on my laptop. I used workspaces to organize my windows.

When I plug an external display, i usually switch off the laptop
screen. The external one is significantly larger. Workspaces are resized
to match the new screen, and everything works as expected.


when I unplug it and enable to laptop screen, the panel goes back to its
expected size. Maximizing windows are maximized to the size of the
laptop screen... but... the panel (XFCE) shows the dimensions of the
workspace as if it was the one of the external display (much larger) and
when I create windows sometimes they are created outside the boundaries
of the laptop screen.

So my question is, how does the workspaces panel widget gets the number
and size of each workspace? And where does sawfish store this

thanks for any help,


Sawfish ML

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