Re: [Sawfish] how to position windows just over the edge?

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Well, I'm not completely sure but if you're using windows rules you could do 
that with something likes this (assuming 1920x1080 screen with no panels 
or similar):

 * x: -1
 * y: -1

 * width: 1922
 * height: 1082

Or you could remove the border completely from window via the rules.

The README of the mxflat theme actually covers this problem (that maximized 
windows can not have a border of zero width). The theme does not know when 
the window is maximized, and it is not easy for the theme to retrieve this 
information. SO you can only have one border width, for normal and maximized 

On Sat, Dec 01, 2012 at 11:09:43AM -0500, sam wrote:
> is there a way to position windows so the border is just over the edge of the workspace, such that when one moves the mouse so the pointer butts up against the edge, it's sitting on the scrollbar, not on the window's  border? 
> I can't seem to do this from either the command line 
> (using -geometry and setting the window at the edge 
> or using negative geometries)
> or from Sawfish's windows rules 
> I hope there's a setting somewhere I can flip to do it. 
> Thanks again to the creators and maintainers for this great tool. 
> -- 
> Sawfish ML

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