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Hi everyone,

the first beta release of Sawfish 1.10 is now available for testing.


Have Fun!

1.9.90 "Strike A Pose"

   * Updated or New dependencies
        - PangoX: no longer required

   * Bug Fixes
        - Always rebuild the list of marked winows in tabs when closing
          a marked window. [fuchur]

        - Only allow a window to be tabbed, if the parent window's
          framestyle has support for tabs.  (Note that in Sawfish
          different windows can have diffrent framestyles) [fuchur]

        - `window-ops-menu' was still calling
          `resize-window-to-dimension' that didn't exist anymore since
          Sawfish 1.7. Use `resize-window-prompt' instead. [Christopher

        - Make "Sawfish Rootmenu" label an insensitive menu-item, so
          that clicking it while the root-menu pops-up doesn't make the
          menu dissapear immediately. [Christopher Bratusek]

        - In SawfishConfig you can select different cursor shapes for
          different buttons. Some of the definitions have been wrong
          and could crash Sawfish when choosing them. This is fixed
          now. [fuchur]

        - When a windows `max-width' or `max-height' would exceed 32767
          (X11's maximum) it would result in odd window-behaviour (for
          example: no maximization button), this is fixed by capping
          the value at 32767. Originally reported with Firefox and
          Thunderbird 17.0 [Michael Panteleit]

        - Fixed grabbing key-bindings in SawfishConfig. [Christopher

   * New Features
        - Tiling. [Jose A. Ortega Ruiz] [Christopher Bratusek]
          Currently this module is under heavy testing (so you have
          been warned!). `tall-tile' has been tested to properly work
          (with some minor hickups), while `col-tile' is untested.
          Example on how to test the new `tall-tile' module (for more
          infos read `lisp/sawfish/wm/tile/readme.org':

               ;; Tiling
               (require 'sawfish.wm.tile.tile)
               (tall-tiling 0 #:width 2 #:top 0 #:bottom 1 #:gap 1 #:max 3)
               (bind-keys global-keymap
                          "F11" 'tile-workspace
               	   "C-S-KP_Add" 'increase-max-windows
               	   "C-S-KP_Subtract" 'decrease-max-windows
               	   "C-F11" 'next-tiling)

        - Completeley revised `resize-window-prompt'. Now display
          window's name and old width (respectively old height) when
          prompt for new values. Shows an information, if one of the
          given values is not actually a number. [Christopher Bratusek]

        - External Application modules. Those modules allow handling,
          setting-up external application during a sawfish session. See
          `AUTOSTART' for additional notes on them.
             ++ `trayer' module. Handles a `trayer' (a system-tray)
               instance during a sawfish session.  [Christopher

             ++ `xmobar' module. Handles a `xmobar' (an on-screen, very
               flexible bar, monitoring whatever you like) instance
               during a sawfish session. [Christopher Bratusek]

             ++ `xmodmap' module. Allows reading `~/.Xmodmap' on
               startup of Sawfish. [Christopher Bratusek]

             ++ `xsettingsd' module. Handles a `xsettingsd' (a daemon
               implementing XSettings to provide GTK+ application with
               information like what theme to use))instance during a
               sawfish session. [Christopher Bratusek]

             ++ `xgamma' module. Allows changing display's gamma
               settings on startup of Sawfish. [Christopher Bratusek]

             ++ `fehlstart' module. Handles a `fehlstart' (a simple,
               but yet flexible application launcher) instance during a
               sawfish session. [Christopher Bratusek]

             ++ `pancake' module. Handles a `pancake' (a simple desktop
               panel with pager, window-list, taskbar, tray) instance
               during a sawfish session [Christopher Bratusek]

   * Miscellaneous Changes
        - Updated `Elberg-tabbed' and `gradient-tabbed' for tab-system
          as of Sawfish 1.9.1 [fuchur]

        - Wallpaper setter now has an option for setting wallpaper on
          startup. Image widget is now more robust.  [Christopher

        - Improved default keymap for `titlebar' and `tabbar'. [fuchur]

        - Revived `decorate-transients', `menus-include-shortcuts' and
          `customize-show-symbols' defcustoms.  These options are now
          adjustable from `sawfish-config' again. [Christopher Bratusek]

        - Give the `root-window' the property `'WINDOW_MANAGER' on
          startup with value `sawfish'.  [Christopher Bratusek]

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