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On Friday 16 November 2012 19:11:10 Peter Schorsch wrote:
> a) how to make a window always-on-top?

Raise it to a higher layer than the windows that you want it to be 
always on top of. There are commands in the window menu or you can set 
up window rules.

> b) how to make a panel always-on-top above all windows (incl. the
> always-on-top windows)?

By increasing dock-window-depth. Unfortunately that also causes panels 
to remain above fullscreen windows. There is a patch that tries to 
address that by raising fullscreen windows even higher. It does not work 
quite reliably though, because it fails to identify fullscreen windows 
in some cases.

> d) the sawfish stacking model?

Windows with the same value of the depth property are said to be in the 
same layer and can be stacked in arbitrary order. Windows with greater 
values of the depth property are considered to be in a higher layer and 
are kept above those with smaller depth (sic!). Both positive and 
negative depths can be used.

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