Re: [Sawfish] Re: odd window resize behaviour with firefox/thunderbird 17.0

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Thanks, but I doubt your reasoning be exact. On 64-bit system, librep uses
62-bit int. The result of
(format nil "%x" (lsh 1 60))
is correct, being "1000000000000000" on my PC (lsh is a "left-shift"), but
it suffered from the same symptom.

Since it's already fixed, you don't have to go deeper, (I don't think I
will help more; I'm a retired dev. ;-) but if you're curious; you can
report the result of
(window-size-hints (get-window-by-name "Mozilla" #:regex t))
with the unpatched Sawfish. It contains a line like: (max-width . 2000) I
guess it returns the same value as xprop/xwininfo, and the true obstacle
is hidden elsewhere.

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