Re: [Sawfish] Sawfish-client save images on disk?

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On Sun, 12 Aug 2012 21:05:23 +0900 (JST)
wrote Teika Kazura <teika@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

>Hi, fuchur. Glad to have an opportunity again to reply to you.
>From a quick glance of src/images.c, it doesn't seem Sawfish provide
>image saving mechanism.
>I don't know what you want exactly, but if you want to provide such
>operations for Sawfish users, I think it's ok to say "I assume you
>have imagemagick", then calling it from (system args...) or so.
>Hope this helped a bit.
>Teika (Teika kazura)

Thanks for reply. Imagemagick as an (system)dependence is not that what
i am looking for.

What i want is this: With StyleTab-theme sawfish needs very long to
start/restart/load. The problem is that recolor from all the images in
StyleTab takes too long at start/restart. If i found a "way" to
save/store the recolor and resizeed images from StyleTab in e.g.
~/.sawfish/sessions/styletab-cache/ we can speed up the start/restart
time at ~80%. Then we can load the images at start in the hashtables
without recolor. I have test it here on my Computer (AMD Athlon(tm) II
X3 400e Processor) with disable recolor in StyleTab (than i have only
green images) and the start/restart time was only < 5 seconds. 


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