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On Saturday 25 August 2012 14:35:42 sam wrote:

> I'm currently on Ubuntu 12.04, compiled from git (pulled 2 days ago, Aug 22

> 2012)


> window rules work, viewports work,

> the "main" popup menu is not showing, the


> "Button 3-Click display the menu listing all window operations"



> I thought the problem might be Unity so I installed a couple of other

> desktop environments and tried sawfish in each


> lxde

> xubuntu

> xfce

> gnome

> gnome classic


> Does anyone have hints for debugging this? Hope I'm not missing something

> really obvious.


the menu 'listing all window operations' is not the main-menu.


The main-menu is triggered by button3 on the desktop (button3 = middle mousebutton), the window-ops menu is triggered by left-click on menu button in a windows-titlebar.


Though main-menu can be triggered to be accessible anywhere, if you bind 'popup-root-menu to something in global-keymap, or 'popup-window-menu for window-ops menu.


> one more request - I like to place windows against a left or right edge so I

> can move the mouse immediately to the edge and be on a scrollbar. Is there

> a way to turn off the sawfish edge handling? I think that's what's

> preventing me from doing this anymore.


EA (EdgeActions) are disabled by default. See SawfishConfig => Edge Actions,

it should not be active if you haven't done so... though it still might be that the nearest 1px (or was it 2px?) might not be accessible...


Never really tested this and with EdgeActions enabled I never suffered from non-working scrollbars (I mostly have maximized windows, so scrollbar is always on the right edge).




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