Re: [Sawfish] F1-F12 keybinding on gnome background.

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Narrowed the problem area down....  The keys do work on the gnome desktop background when there are no programs open, but if one is open they stop working on the desktop bg, until all programs are closed again.

Is it something to do with me toggling the desktop

(defun toggle-desktop ()
  "Toggle showing or hiding desktop.

   i.e. - minimise all open windows
        - restore all windows to be open"
  (if (showing-desktop-p)

I tried adding show-desktop to my switch2 functions but it didn't help... Its strange that the F functions key bindings work when I give the panels focus, but not the background.

@Teika - I had already tried refresh

On 23 April 2012 13:10, Deric Bytes <dericbytes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The following code works, except if focus is on the desktop background. (p.s. any advice from looking at my code is appreciated)

Here is the code I used to generate it

;; Use a small library of code included with sawfish by default
;; /usr/share/sawfish/lisp/sawfish/wm/commands/jump-or-exec.jl
(require 'sawfish.wm.commands.jump-or-exec)

;; arg1 - title regex used to locate window
;; arg2  - shell command used to create window
;;  (jump-or-exec-or-last "firefox" "firefox &")
(define (jump-or-exec-or-last re exec)
  "Jump-or-exec, unless the window is already focused, in which case focus last window


   If a window with the title matching the regex \"Emacs -\" is
   found then jump to it, else run the command \"emacsclient -c\"

   (jump-or-exec-or-last \"Emacs -\" \"emacsclient -c\")

  (if (string-match re (window-name (input-focus)))
      (display-window (nth 1 (stacking-order)))
    (jump-or-exec re exec)))

;;  Sample code created by the macro below
;; (define (switch-2-firefox)
;;    "If firefox is open, with a title of \"Vimperator\"
;;     then jump to it. Else create it.

;;     If we are already in that firefox. Jump to last
;;     window we were in"
;;    (interactive)
;;    (jump-or-exec-or-last "Vimperator" "firefox"))

;; Example usage of this macro to create the function  switch-2-facebook
;; (create-switch-2-function "facebook" "acebook" "firefox")

;; arg1 - arbitrary unique program name/id
;; arg2 - title regex used to locate window
;; arg3 - shell command used to create window

(defmacro create-switch-2-function (program re exec)
  `(defun ,(read-from-string (concat "switch-2-" program)) ()
         (jump-or-exec-or-last ,re ,exec)))

;; Create function switch-2-facebook
;;(create-switch-2-function "facebook" "acebook" "firefox")

;; Run our generated function, that will switch focus to facebook
;; (switch-2-facebook)

;; file: generate-switch-to-functions.jl
;; Generate switch to functions
;; Can be called from bash
;;   $ alias sawl="sawfish-client < $@"
;;   $ alias sawlq="sawfish-client &> /dev/null < $@"
;;   $ sawlq generate-switch-to-functions.jl
;; TODO: place values in csv file and loop
(create-switch-2-function "facebook" "Facebook -" "firefox")
(create-switch-2-function "firefox" "Vimperator" "firefox")
(create-switch-2-function "gmail" "Gmail" "firefox")
(create-switch-2-function "terminal" "dericbytes@slug" "/home/dericbytes/sh/my-terminal")
(create-switch-2-function "emacs" "Emacs -" "emacsclient -c -e \'(fullscreen)\'") 
(create-switch-2-function "pidgin" "Buddy List" "pidgin")

;; switch-2-keymap
(bind-keys global-keymap

"F1" 'switch-2-terminal
"F2" 'switch-2-emacs
"F3" 'switch-2-firefox

;; can be used in bash
;; alias e="sawfish-client -e '(switch-2-emacs)'
;; alias g="sawfish-client -e '(switch-2-gmail)'

On 22 April 2012 07:23, Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Saturday 21 April 2012 23:11:17 Deric Bytes wrote:

cylce-windows never works without modificator.


Maybe switch-2-terminal is not properly defined?


Maybe you can post it?


It still is not working.....  cycle-windows seems to be problematic too

cycle-windows works on Super-F8
cycle-windows does does not work on an F9 or other F keys
system works
jump-or-exec works

(bind-keys global-keymap
  "Super-F8" 'cycle-windows
  "F9" 'cycle-windows
  "F11" '(jump-or-exec "Emacs -" "emacsclient -c")
  "F10" '(system "/usr/bin/urxvt &")

On 21 April 2012 17:14, Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Saturday 21 April 2012 16:03:02 Deric Bytes wrote:

My global-keymap bindings for the Function keys F1-F12 do not seem to work on the gnome background.
They work if I click on the top gnome panel.
And also work when focus is on a window.
I am using the latest archlinux packages - sawfish 1.8.2, gnome 3.2.1 fallback

(bind-keys global-keymap

"F1" '(switch-2-terminal)
"F2" '(switch-2-emacs)
"F3" '(switch-2-firefox)
"F4" '(switch-2-gmail)
;; NOTE: F5 is usually refresh

Dunno what switch-2-terminal is, but maybe


"F1" 'switch-2-terminal



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