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I was using sawfish with gnome but have upgraded my system and can not get it working with sawfish. The only reason I used gnome is because it was the first desktop environment I set up.

I tried using XFCE4 and although it works. I do not know how to set up properly

netorking ( networkmanager ) - delay in connecting to wifi, sometimes disconnects without reconnecting
bluetooth ( blueman ) - can not get it  automatically connect to bluetooth if present
sound control ( volume-amixer ) - mapped buttons to keyboard but only works for laptop speakers, not bluetooth speakers
xfce4-panel - sometimes xfce4-session does not start and I can not use the logoff button.
1. Can someone help me iron out these issues. I don't mind changing desktop ( i.e. KDE ) or the programs ( networkmanager, blueman )

2. I feel like going back to Gnome but love the following functionality that sawfish brings

        - Position windows - size, location, stacking
        - Run scripts on windows events i.e. Turn off mouse when in editor
        - Intercept key presses and maybe do something else based on window status.

Can I get the following functionality without sawfish, that works ontop of any x desktop environment

3. How come you can't just run the command 'sawfish &' from inside gnome and the above functionality becomes available

4. Can someone update the wiki section about for the latest Gnome


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