[Sawfish] Firstrun-Wizard for Sawfish?

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Hi all,


I've been wondering about a firstrun-wizard for Sawfish...


What do you think? (good idea or not, what stuff to ask the user for etc...)


A plain example is attached to this mail, call via `rep --batch sfw.jl'




;; sfw.jl - Sawfish-FirstRun-Wizard
;; (c) 2012 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
;; licensed under GNU GPL v2+

(structure ()

  (open rep

  ;; init widgets
  (define window (gtk-window-new 'toplevel))
  (gtk-container-set-border-width window 10)
  (gtk-window-set-title window "Sawfish-FirstRun-Wizard")
  (gtk-window-set-wmclass window "Sawfish-FirstRun-Wizard"
  (gtk-window-set-position window 'center)
  (gtk-window-set-default-size window 380 200)
  ;(gtk-window-set-icon-from-file window "icons/sfw.png")

  ;; BASIC Widgets
  (define hbox (gtk-vbox-new nil 2))
  (define book (gtk-notebook-new))

  (define bbox (gtk-hbutton-box-new))
  (gtk-button-box-set-layout bbox 'end)

  (define go-prev (gtk-button-new-from-stock "gtk-go-back"))
  (define go-next (gtk-button-new-from-stock "gtk-go-forward"))

  (gtk-button-set-relief go-prev 'none)
  (gtk-button-set-relief go-next 'none)

  (gtk-container-add window hbox)

  (gtk-box-pack-start hbox book)
  (gtk-box-pack-end hbox bbox)

  (gtk-box-pack-start bbox go-prev)
  (gtk-box-pack-start bbox go-next)

  (gtk-notebook-set-show-tabs book nil)

  ;; Welcome Page
  (define welcome-label (gtk-label-new "Welcome"))
  (define welcome-text (gtk-label-new "\
Welcome to the Sawfish Firstrun-Wizard!

This wizard will guide you through changing some of the basic settings of Sawfish.

For (lots) more options refer to `sawfish-config'.

Thanks for choosing Sawfish!"))

  (gtk-label-set-line-wrap welcome-text t)
  (gtk-label-set-justify welcome-text 'left)

  (gtk-notebook-append-page book welcome-text welcome-label)
  (gtk-notebook-set-current-page book 1)

  (gtk-widget-show-all window)
  (gtk-rc-parse-string "gtk-button-images = 1")

  (g-signal-connect window "delete_event"
    (lambda (w) (throw 'quit 0)))

  (setq interrupt-mode 'exit)

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