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just recently I'm trying the first time sawfish (1.8.1) on ubuntu
(10.04) and I have a problem with the ssh-agent setup.

sawfish is started by means of a setting in gconf-editor

The problem is that sawfish does not get inherited SSH_AGENT_PID
and SSH_AUTH_SOCK, therefore, all processes I launch from sawfish
scripts (e.g. xterm) do not have these variables set and a passphrase
is requested every time I try a ssh command.

From sawfish-client I can certainly tell, by means of getenv, that
those ssh-agent related variables are not set.

Instead, if I open a gnome-terminal from the panel's menu then that
terminal has the variables set and I can ssh without passphrase

By which mechanism is sawfish supposed to inherited the SSH related
Is there something I should do manually during sawfish initialization
(.sawfishrc?) to get the environment variables properly inherited? Or
is it that I should start sawfish in a different way?

Sorry for the long message, and thanks in advance for any help.


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