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teika@xxxxxxxxxxx (2011-09-30 at 1007.02 +0900):
> 1. Do you use compositing = transparency?

I tried it for flicker elimination (xcompmgr -a), not transparency or
shadows (this one would be nice for extra info about what is focused,
via halo, but not so important). Sadly, due poor code or poor driver
or old computer or whatever, it got rid of flicker (to some degree) at
the price of laggy operations, so stopped using it.

> 2. Do you have codes which use event synthesis or replay?

Yeah, specially in laptop (faster keypad emulation) but also to
generate a handful keys not normally avaliable.

> 3. Do you use input translation per window? (If you don't know it,
>    see the section "Keymap transition" in the file "KEYBINDINGS".

I think not.

> 4. Do you use edge-actions except edge-flip and viewport dragging
>    (formerly known as infinite-desktop), that is, our genuinely new
>    feature?

Not... yet (still using old SF :[ ). The corner with the pager is a
good candidate for raise pager command (already bound to a key combo)
so as soon as I upgrade, it will probably get bound.


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