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Hi all,

browsing the web I found some stuff for Sawfish:

1 Tiling

I found a real (as in XMonad/Awesome) Tiling function for Sawfish:


There's a readme for usage shipped (it's so awesome, that I want to include it 
into 1.9.0 -- any comments?, especially DMG).

I recommend (in sawflibs.tile.utils) to adjust workspace-windows (needs 
rename, as already in Sawfish) like this:

 34   (define (workspace-windows #!optional ignore)
 35     (remove-if (lambda (w) (or (equal w ignore) (window-ignored-p w)
 36                           (window-avoided-p w) (window-never-expose-p w)))
 37                (window-order current-workspace)))

window-never-expose-p is part of Sawfish 1.8.9x.

If you use KDE4, be sure to match the window-class "Plasma/plamsa" and the 
window-role "panel_" against never-expose, or else your plasmoids and kicker 
will be tiled, too.

2 X11::WM::Sawfish

Control Sawfish in your Perl-Scripts. Well, I don't use Perl, but maybe 
someone of you?


3 bring-window

Bring a window from anywhere to the pointer, and be able to return it back.

Note: bring-window-undo somehow only works when *no* window is focussed,
that renders the script rather useless, but maybe someone wants to fix it?


Have Fun,

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