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> My answers:
> 1. Do you use compositing = transparency?
> A. No. I don't understand why you need one. ;) At least Windwos
>    does it without giving any advantage, thus no proof either.

Nope, that just AMOR (amusing missuse of recources) IMHO.

> 2. Do you have codes which use event synthesis or replay?
> A. Yes.
> a) I don't like to move my hand from the keyboard over the mouse, so I
> make Hyper + some keys produce mouse motion and clicks. It's event
> syntheses, and in fact, for such simple use you don't need Sawfish,
> since there're many tools. (Unfortunately, none is standard, and most are
> not so much maintained.)

I guess the 'undo script makes use of that, but nothing I wrote personally.

> b) In firefox, ctrl + l focuses the location bar. But in Sawfish
> enter/exit mode, there's the "flickering bug" [1], and I like a
> workaround.
> So, when I press ctrl + l once in firefox, the mouse pointer goes far
> below the location bar to avoid flickering. If I press it again,
> then the pointer goes slightly above the bar. It's because sometimes
> I'd like to have the cursor at the bar.
> During this process, each press is notified to Sawfish, and at the
> end, it's "replayed" to firefox.
> [1]
> By the way, Sawfish's event synthesis always send press and release
> in pair, but you can't pick only one of them.
> 3. Do you use input translation per window?
> A. No. I often get frustrated by variety of "quit" keys, but
>    haven't go that far. I know Chris does, so let's wait for his
>    answer. :)

Yes, I hate this C-q Vs C-w or C-n Vs C-t Vs C-S-t keybindings all around. So 
I use some matchers for often used applications to avoid that stuff.

Also some applications don't allow changing some or even all keys, keymap-
trans is an easy way to work around that.

> 4. Do you use edge-actions except edge-flip and viewport dragging
>    (formerly known as infinite-desktop), that is, our genuinely new
>    feature?
> A. No. I'm not a mouse man.

Of course :) Well. I'm not a "mouse-man" as well, still I'm EdgeActions offers 
features, that don't feel natural when doing with keyboard. (OK. maximize and 
expand EA are here for completelyness and competitions, but HotSpot or Expose 
look more natural when invoked by mouse).

Also it's an former me-too, which surpassed it's competitors. No one has an 
implementation that flexible like we have. :)

> With best regards,
> Teika (Teika kazura)
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