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> I have check why restart with StyleTab is ~ 5 - 8 times slower as load
> StyleTab in sawfish, but i have no idea. I think it has something to do
> with session restore/load in sawfish. You can check it. Load a other
> theme -> restart sawfish, now load StyleTab and check load time (it
> takes here 2 - 4 secons) now restart sawfish with loaded StyleTab an
> check time to restart (it can takes here 15 secons). Fix for this is
> not on my todo list (i don't know what happens in sawfish by restart),
> it think it's not a problem with the theme/theme.jl file.
> I have add hash tables in StyleTab. Now all images (base and recolor)
> save in "styletab-frame-cache". If you think it is faster to load
> StyleTab if we save and restore "styletab-frame-cache" (when/and it is
> possible) show me the code to save and restore a hash table and i will
> try to add in StyleTab. This is also not on my todo list.

There is now a "before-restart-hook", that should allow doing some operations. 
Still tables & stuff shouldn't exist after restart (new env), so the table 
would need to be saved in a different way.

> Spinbuttons in StyleTab should replace with a (working) combo box, not
> on my to do list.

I'll check into this.

> I have update images (add links and compress images). Download here:
> Changelog:
> Add hash tables for images.
> Fix resize bug for buttons.
> Fix recolor bug by resize.
> Split "create-frames" in "make-buttons" and "make-frame".
> Add maximized to call-after-state-changed.

Thanks for your efforts (again).

StyleTab is the best theme outwhere.

One thing that came up in my mind: some themes dont thave the titlebar over 
the full length of the window. (eg.: absolute-e), they only use the really 
required space. Maybe you might add this as an option? It's just some thing 
that StyleTab lacks compared to other styles (and might increase adoption).


> On my todo list is: redraw the remove styles for readd.

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