[qet] Czech translation - problem with access to working copy

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I have problem. I've tried to update my qet-trunk today, and got this:

pavel@pavel-desktop ~/Dokumenty/qet-trunk$ svn up
svn: Can't open file 'elements/securite_des_machines/.svn/lock':

Something is otherwise than usuall.

Also I plan to delete it all, but I am not quick in finding the right command for check out the currently used trunk repo.

Could you copy and send me the command for check out the branche used - for me as translator (it's my old pain when doing such things, I know, but I can't find it quickly - on the wiki).

In case you would/could/wish to commit my updated file .ts, in the need of release 0.3 before I manage to do something (re-establish) my working copy),I attach it

Greetings, Pavel Fric

Attachment: qet_cs.ts
Description: video/mp2t

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